13-Nov-2018Woodhaven, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
Hello folks... I am blessed to have my family to my house for Thanksgiving for the very first time! I want it to be magical as our mom made itt. If you have anything to give or lend, I would be most grateful!! And my step daughter needs a dresser. Thank you kindly! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
31-Oct-2018Toledo, OH+20 milesItems Wanted
My teenage sons flip phone is on the fritz but we are not ready for him to have a smart phone. does anyone have a basic Verizon compatible cell phone with recharger that still works? we would appreciate! Thanks
29-Oct-2018Toledo, OH+20 milesItems Wanted
Something to organize things in my storage room. Preferably something kind of tall with shelves because the room isn't that big. Thanks in advance ;-)
28-Oct-2018Dundee, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a few fence posts square or round ones to patch up a bit fencing , also any spars for fixing a broken gate . thanks
28-Oct-2018Dundee, MI+18 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a baby monitor for a Halloween Project Thanks
25-Oct-2018Toledo, OH+20 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for a twin box spring in good condition. Thank you in advance.
19-Oct-2018Toledo, OH+20 milesItems Wanted
I recently just purchased my first home. With that being said I have nothing to go into that home so any and everything will help like stove,fridge,washer,dryer etc. Thanks in advance for your help.
15-Oct-2018Toledo, OH+20 milesItems Wanted
Senior citizen living alone is in desperate need of a microwave to replace one needlessly thrown away by a non-profit's "cleaning" service.
We are in need of a rocking chair or glider for our day care class. If anyone has one their not using we sure would love to put it to good use Rocking our little ones. Thank you. Sherry Custer Kids club's new daycare.
14-Oct-2018Belleville, MI+20 milesItems Wanted
My 11 and 13 year old daughter's are making candles to sell to raise money to pay for a camping and Washington D.C. trip they will be taking with the school. I will meet you where and when it's convenient for you. We need crayons (broken is fine), your old used candles and holders (they do not need to be cleaned), Decorative tea cups or saucers, mason jars, wax, wicks, scents and dyes for candl...
Looking for shelving units for my daughters basement. Thank you
We have lost our cat of 27 years, he was an orange tabby. Looking for another under 3 months old.
Looking for craft items or educational toys i can utilize with my 2.5 year old. She currently knows all her colors, most shapes, letters and their phonics, but Any thing that can enhance those skills and any craft item f would be appreciated
12-Oct-2018Trenton, MI+21 milesItems Wanted
Hello, we have several volunteers who will be sprucing up the outside of the Downriver Council for the Arts building in wyandotte. It is a local nonprofit that offers community art classes, call for entries, art exhibits, yoga, dancing, concerts, and more! If you have ANY garden plants, compost, yard bags, buckets gardening gloves, stones, edging/borders ect. That you would like to donate we wo...
12-Oct-2018Belleville, MI+20 milesItems Wanted
Washer quit. Large family. Thanks.
11-Oct-2018Toledo, OH+20 milesItems Wanted
Looking for 2 dressers for my kids rooms. They need them badly their clothes are overflowing out of tubs.
11-Oct-2018Toledo, OH+20 milesItems Wanted
Have two glass display counter I would like to exchange for acrylic organizer for countertop or small deep freezer with a glass door if possible or cigarette display case I'm looking for in exchange for my glass counter display case
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+20 milesItems Wanted
Needed help with Christmas for 5 of my kids. Im disable and just dont have it.I need twin side beds for boys
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+20 milesItems Wanted
Decent couch please
19-Sep-2018Belleville, MI+20 milesItems Wanted
Hello I am in search of shingles for our dog run. If you have any left over from a project or any you are willing to part with, we would appreciate it Thanks
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