Game Console Repairs

Playstation 4 Service Laser Replacement $80 Bluray Replacement $120 Xbox One Service Laser Replacement $80 (not reading game) Xbox 360 services Getting open tray instead of play game? Laser replacement $40(Brand new laser) DVD drive replacement $65 (brand new) Flashing(mod) Services to play backup games. Old Xbox 360(fat model) $30 for all dvd drives Slim Models $40 for models before August 2011 **NOTE** for any xbox 360 made after 08/2011 contact me for more information. Playstation 3 Service If games are not reading or disc won't load into console Blu ray laser $65(new) Blu ray drive $$ varies(please contact) Handheld Console Service call for more information. Contact me at (414)243-257three Se habla espanol Keywords xbox repair modding mod flash flashing 360 repair ps3 repair gameboy repair psp repair