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My family & I've just recently relocated and our old Stove conked out. We're both on Furlough atm & have a 10-yr old. This isn't for her project recently posted about but to feed her hot meals; Pick up ready, please help us
Antique Tappan Stove + Range. We guess this is frrom the late 1920s or 1930s. All parts intact and looking good (4 stove top ranges with covers, oven, 2 storage sides with doors, and a broiler. Needs to be cleaned up and hauled down from 3d floor. These sell on Ebay from $400 to thousands. People still use and swear by these.
I am looking for free stove and fridge no matter how.old it it only I want that it work fine
INSTALL ABOVE YOUR STOVE. ATTACH TO BOTTOM OF CABINET. Very good condition. White color Problem attaching photo; will send upon request.
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