40' Boat Slip Lease Pier 39 Sna Francisco CA

I am selling my BABY, I have a 40 foot foot boat slip lease for sale @ Pier 39 San Francisco CA. I am selling the slip lease for $9000, it is right dead center of the Marina THE BEST LOCATION on the down wind side, just far enough from the tourist they cant see or hear you. I had the electric up graded to 50 amps so you can run a 40 foot boat just fine. The monthly condo fee is about $450 depending on electric use. The slip lease comes along with 2 parking stalls that you only pay when you use them & they only cost $4 per 12 hours or $8 per 24hr use. Tourist pay $10 to $12 dollars per hour for parking in the same garage, The marina has a rec-room for the slip owners with wifi, showers, bathrooms, washers & dryers ice machines. I am WAY OVER 21 & have done A LOT of THINGs & this San Francisco slip is close to the top if not over the top. My other baby is also up for sale, It is the most modified aft cabin 41 Sea Ray in the world I call it My Floating condo, I am almost finished with the customization, PICs coming soon. price $200K It is one of a kind. I also have a a 1955 Bull nose PROJECT woodie $15000.00 Dan Mike Pete or JY (916) 223-3378
Updated 11-Sep-2018