5000+ Copper Pennies 1959 - 1982

Offered for your consideration are 5000+ 1959 - 1982 COPPER PENNIES. You can be assured of receiving at least 5000 pennies containing 95% copper because: Your pennies will be SORTED 3 TIMES USING AMERICAN MADE COIN MECHANISMS, INC. COMPARITORS. Your pennies will be COUNTED TWICE for accuracy. Your pennies will be WEIGHED ONCE. I counted 5000 coins twice by hand and weighed each batch. This gave me the benchmark to use for weighing each 5000 penny lot I offer for sale. After all of the above I ADD 20 COPPER PENNIES as a bonus and to say "Thank you" for your order. Your pennies will come to you in two Brinks boxes that have been wrapped in heavy plastic to help protect during shipment. I want to earn your repeat business!! By making the extra effort to assure you get more than 5000 high copper pennies I hope to win your future business. I'll be happy to answer questions about the pennies. E-mail me at bartkat2@comcast.net USPS Priority Mail shipping is $11.00. If you want USPS insurance add $2.35. Payment through PayPal. Shipment made next business day after payment receipt.
Updated 8-Feb-2012
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