Jose J. Alvarez, DMD & Associates

Jose J. Alvarez, DMD & Associates offer excellent teeth whitening near me. Visit us today to get a brighter and a beautiful set of teeth at the most competitive prices. Teeth Whitening removes stains from teeth’s outer layer. The cosmetic procedure is not a single time procedure and is required to be repeated time to time. However, there are some instances when the teeth is discolored from inside, known as intrinsic discoloration. A number of teeth whitening techniques are available and you can contact Jose J. Alvarez, DMD & Associates to know the best one for you. Most commonly carried out process, the professional bleaching requires a protective rubber case that protects your gums during the treatment. Laser Whitening technique activates the bleaching chemical using a laser and is relatively quick. Address :- 3483 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 Tel No :- 305-948-5002 Working Hours :- Mon – Fri : 9am - 5pm Website :-
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