DANCING IN MOSCOW Track#2 - BLOW YOUR MIND Album Check out DANCING IN MOSCOW - Track#2 off of the JERRY CHIAPPETTA, JR., BLOW YOUR MIND 21 Song Digital Album. FREE FULL LENGTH SONG PREVIEWS NOW AVAILABLE AT https://jerrychiappettajr.bandcamp.com/ About the Artist: Jerry Chiappetta, Jr., is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter with the Alternative/Soft Rock group MAINFRAME.band. Originally from the Detroit, Michigan area he later ended up residing in Naples, Florida in 1975 - Current. Jerry's performance tours have been throughout the USA, England, Mexico and Moscow, Russia. On a recent interview, Jerry stated that “he grew up thinking that his parents were Pink Floyd and the Beatles.” And that he knew what his mission in life was since the age of four...to write songs and perform them out live. Appreciative of each and every fan, Jerry thanks the world for listening to his music and welcomes all of us into his mind through his imaginative lyrics and unique songwriting.
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