Miami Chamber of Commerce

Miami Chamber of Commerce is committed to fulfilling the needs of businesses in Miami. It serves as a resource, guide and support to new or established businesses seeking growth. Miami Chamber of Commerce was reborn and rebranded improving the standard traditions of what a Chamber of Commerce provides; but more importantly introducing a menu of new and fresh initiatives and strategies missing from the same generic structure of it's predecessors. Miami Chamber of Commerce is invested in strengthening the community through innovation, education, and direction that constantly evolves to the current market, relevant issues, and development of Miami. This means communicating to Miami, it's businesses, it's people and those interested in bringing business to South Florida in the language and technology that is now and current worldwide. Business has evolved over the past 10 years and so have we. Businesses now must create an internet presence, foster online social relationships and with evolving business trends; Miami Chamber of Commerce has been proactive in staying up to date. In order to stay ahead of the curve, Miami Chamber of Commerce constantly pulls from it's vast network of industry leaders to provide it's members a choice of educational workshops, training sessions, and resources to set up, maintain, improve or remove the obstacles facing the businesses now. Let us be your partner in the growth of your business and Miami! For more information please visit our website Events & news
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