Some are still sealed in packs, some have been sorted into dozens or more per pack, and some still need to be sorted. I went through them and pulled most of the broken ones I found but there weren t many. Estimate about 60-90 dozen (5-7.5 gross) beads here - all are nice beads, no little ones. Also have a bag full of stuffed animals/plush stuff/ceramic fancy beads/miscellaneous throws and a sta...
This is a brand new Collectible Endymion Doll still in the box, never opened. He sings/dances when you add batteries. 5 left available - price is per doll. Comment with quantity. (Case on Cart)
One doesn t have a bottom and the other is bending on the Handel. $1 for both use for cute decorations flowers
Nice condition with some marks and stains on it. One small nick on the front edge. 12" high 10" wide and 5" deep. Very light green tint with flowers and leaves painted.