98-04 jeep Grand Cherokee parts Rust free doors & fenders & more

Hi I have a set of rust free front doors that are complete & a set of fenders that are the same way also have all the seats that are dark gray leather also have tail lights, ad grill .I have the trany and T case out it to the motor was blown up when I got the jeep but was told it was just serves with all new solenoids put in it a few months be for motor went. all parts are best offer . 175 a door 95 for fender 95 for all the seats 55 for set of tail lights 40 for the grill .Again all parts are or best offer .The pix was be for it got rear ended.Thank you Rod 262-227-9095 can't get pix to load at this time sorry will get them on soon
Updated over a month ago