Outpatient Occupational Medicine Clinic seeks a 32-hour MA or CMA

Outpatient Occupational Medicine Clinic seeks a 32-hour MA or CMA First Choice Occupational Medicine and Disability- Menomonie, WI - Department: Clinic Nursing - Day shift - Certification preferred - Customer service skills are required - Experience is preferred After more than two decades of working within numerous corporate health care settings in the Chippewa Valley, we set out, on our own, to create a new model for a patient-centered, employer-friendly occupational medicine center. This department has been successful beyond our wildest expectations and we need additional help to manage our growing patient population. Occupational medicine is a specialty that promotes a healthy and safe work environment. This practice focuses on preventative health care for employees; evaluating and treating work-related injuries, illness and disability; providing return-to-work restrictions, functional capacity, and disability evaluations; and promoting the overall well-being of a company’s work force. In addition, Dr. Hebl performs Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), medical disability evaluations (for private insurers and/or Social Security), personal injury evaluations and treatments, and commercial drivers’ (CDL) renewal examinations. This position requires commitment to our model of a patient-centered, employer-friendly occupational medicine center. The new employee must commit to work passionately to help us achieve the following goals: 1.) To provide the best quality occupational medicine and disability care, at a very reasonable price, in a comfortable, compassionate and confidential setting, for all injured workers, disabled individuals, and employers, who choose our service. 2.) To exercise our best medical judgment, in evaluating and treating injured workers, judiciously and carefully utilizing diagnostic testing, ancillary services, and referrals, so as to return the injured worker to his/her pre-injury level of functioning, in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. 3.) To facilitate open and honest communication with all employees and employers who choose our services, by: a.) soliciting all parties to assist in gathering accurate information regarding the alleged work injury, any pre-existing condition(s), the patient’s job description, and return-to-work options; b.) keeping the employer apprised of the medical status of each injured worker, the proposed treatment plan, the return-to-work restrictions, and follow-up care; and c.) being available to answer questions from employers and employees, throughout the course of the evaluation and treatment of the injured worker. 4.) To promote the broad development of light-duty and/or restricted-duty assignments, and other measures, to encourage a rapid return-to-work for all injured workers. 5.) To assist employers, when requested to do so, with the development and implementation of a customized health and safety program for workers. We will be accepting applications, by mail only, from 12/5 to 12/9/2011. Please send your resume to: First Choice Occupational Medicine and Disability Attn: Clinic Director 1125 N. Broadway St. Suite 3 Menomonie, WI 54751 The position will be available at the conclusion of the interview process.
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