Full Time Caregiver

32 yrs old male. Individual is mischievous, playful and energetic. Individual does not like for people to have smoke odor on them and will not have anything to do with them if they do smoke; therefore, a non-smoker is requested. He will need a PA that can get in the floor with him when needed and be able to “chase” him around the house as he crawls to get where he wants to be and can move pretty quickly. He cannot stand up alone and will need PA assistance to do so. He requires hands on PA supports for the entire time he is awake, including all night hours as he does not sleep regularly, but takes catnaps throughout the day/night. Individual has Angelman's Syndrome, dysphasia, seizures, PICA and a fragile immune system. Hands should be washed regularly throughout the schedule. His family had his bedroom especially designed for his safety and is sparsely decorated to prevent him from getting hurt. Individual has a see through window in his bedroom door so he can look out and others can look in for his safety. The bedroom door must remain shut at all times to prevent him from getting to other parts of the home that are deemed unsafe without hands on PA. PA will need to provide bed baths (no chair for roll-in shower), all dressing needs, meal prep (pureed diet), accompany mom to any medical appts, hands on feeding, change adult briefs, and assist with any personal care needs and light housekeeping to maintain a safe environment. Individual’s mother administers all meds throughout the day. NO MED PASSING. Individual is non-verbal and will make gestures and noises to notify of his wants and needs. Anything a person has on while working/visiting should be kept away from him such as bracelets, loose jewelry, hair band/barrettes, buttons on shirts, and some loose clothing, as well as shoes. He doesn’t like it when people act like they’re afraid of him and wants his PA’s to talk and interact with him as this gets him excited and likes your undivided attention.
Updated 29-Dec-2017
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