Vann Family Dental Yakeika Vann, DDS $50 New Patient Gift coupon FREE

Since I can't take advantage of the Vann Family Dental $50 New Patient gift coupon... I'm giving it away. I would have used it but they didn't consider a first visit and $218 in services a "treatment". Dr. Vann did determine that my daughter had 8 cavities (I guess an additional $1560 for fillings would be a "treatment") but when she offered to fill them ALL in one session, I got skeptical thinking that’s a lot of work for one visit. So when I left, I called 3 dentists and all 3 said they would not do that much numbing and filling in one treatment (ya know, could bite tongue, swallow tongue). Thank goodness we live in a free country. I chose another doctor. Since Dr. Yakeika Vann won’t honor the coupon towards the $218 I paid for the first visit, maybe someone else can use the $50 New Patient gift. It doesn’t expire until May 31, 2012. Let me know if you want the coupon. Matilda
Updated 27-Jan-2012
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