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Please if anyone can help me towards my Cataract Surgery with any amount of funding it would be very much appreciated. I'm just about blind in my left eye now because of letting it go for so long, I'm not able to do anything correct like i used to like walking, climbing stairs, Driving, i can't see anything on my left side of veiw now and it's affecting my whole way of life. I have applied for help many times but just haven't had any success, that's the reason i have started this fundraider to try to get some help and any dontation of any amount will be appreciated so much. i don't have any health insurance because it's just so high and unaffordable for me, i'm at the end of my rope and just asking for some help i just don't know what else to do. if anyone can just donate $1.00 it will help me build the funds i need to get this Cataract Surgery. Thanks and God Bless from David Lee
Updated 13-Aug-2014
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