1969 Harley Davidson FLH, Has 10,404 miles on it and has a 4 speed transmission that the clutch was just gone through and parts replaced. Previous owner did a motor swap so it has a 1971-1973 Shovel head on it which I believe is the 74 cube inch. Also looks like they put a pan head lower end on the motor. Does come with historical license plate or you can put a regular plate back on it. Does ha...
Condition: New Manufacturer Part Number: 1211 Part #1211 Screw No. 10-32 X 5/8 Fillister Head Screw 1936-1964 Fl, Flh&nbsp Pk (10) Big Twin Outer To Inner Primary Cover Made in the the USA Any Questions Please Email Thanks Homer Cycle Shop Thank You Homer Cell 1-517-285-5465
Condition: New Brand: Harley-Davidson 50100-70 Harley Used on 1970-92 Models FH, FLH, FE, Softail Rubber Bumper to Protect the Outer Primary Cover from Dings Caused by The Kick Strength Adhesive on One Side Any Questions please email me Thank Homer's Cycle Shop Thank you Homer Cell 1-517-285-5465