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1998 USTS steel frame dump trailer 32-78-96 tandem axle w/24.5 tires,smooth floor, very tight sealing tailgate, electric flip tarp. call for pics and info $19,000.00 obo. 606-813-0704
2002 MAC 36-90-102 aluminum box, steel frame, tri axle, 70% tires and brakes, very good condition. 24.5 tires, electric tarp. Call or text for photos. 606-813-0704
2005 MAC 35-72-102 all aluminum dump trailer, 21B Reyco triaxle,22.5 hub pilot aluminum wheels,70% tires & all new brakes, new suspension bushings, electric flip tarp, smooth floor, very good condition. Calll for photos and additional info. 606-813-0704
2004 MAC 35-76-102 aluminum frame, 21B Reyco, tri-axle, 24.5 pilot wheels, very good tires, brakes, and bushings. Electric flip tarp and a front man door. very good price $21,500.00 obo. 606-813-0704
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