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New Jersey Affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning / Furnace Cleaning & Sanitizing Specialists Affordable Air Duct Cleaning & Dryer Vent Cleaning Special 109.00 Remove Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and Allergens with our UV Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing (3 Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing $ 115 Special) You probably don’t think much about the ducts in your house. After all, they’re tucked conveniently out of the way, and while they deliver your comfortably heated or cooled air to the various areas of your home, they do it without much effort or complaint. In fact, if you had a problem with your heating or cooling system, you’d probably overlook your ducts entirely and focus on a larger and more complex part of the system as the suspected source of the problem. However, your ducts play a far more important role in the overall healthfulness and comfort of your indoor environment than you probably realize. If they aren’t kept in good condition, your home in NEW JERSEY may not be getting all that it could out of your heating and cooling system. And you could even be adding harmful contaminants to your indoor air without even realizing it. Affordable Air has the services you need to keep your ducts clean and in good repair. We have a great deal of experience in this type of work and we’ll be glad to add you to our list of satisfied customers.  Whole House Air Duct Cleaning Specials Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspection Certification H.O.A Approved Fireplace Chimney Cleaning & Level 1 Inspections visit us Contact Us 877-730-5670 TOLL FREE Click Here for Money Saving Coupons DUST IS EVERYWHERE: MOST dust collects on horizontal surfaces, in your Heating and Air Conditioning system, on your bedding, window treatments, furnishings, floors and carpets. Air duct cleaning itself involves a very careful process that removes dirt and debris from the duct system that winds through a home's ceiling. When a professional air duct cleaning service is hired, most homeowners find not only their ducts get cleaned, but also the registers, grilles and even the coils. This means the entire system that moves air through a home gets a good once over for dust, dirt, debris and bacteria. To help with the latter concern, a disinfection process might also take place during cleaning. Air duct cleaning is a home maintenance chore that many people overlook. When the facts of air duct cleaning are examined, the need for this service becomes clear. NO HIDDEN CHARGES..... NO BAIT and SWITCH..... NO GIMMICKS, ALL WORK is GUARANTEED. We are Licensed and Insured, Serving New Jersey Condominiums and Town Homes Specialists. 877-730-5670 TOLL FREE Air Duct Cleaning Procedures: Our experienced technicians connect a powerful truck mounted vacuum to your air system near the furnace, thus creating a larger vacuum out of your ventilation system. Highly compressed air is applied with a specialized air gun through each of the supply and return vents in the home, forcing debris and contaminants to the vacuum. After cleaning from each register, we apply safe and non toxic E.P.A. registered sanitizer / disinfectant. The same vacuum and air pressure tools are used to clean the components of your heating furnace and cooling system, increasing its overall efficiency. We clean the burners, blower motor and fan blades. Indoor A/C evaporator coil cleaning is highly recommended.  We also check the bearings, belts, and carbon monoxide levels. Serving: North and Central New Jersey | Affordable Air Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspections Bergen County NJ: Allendale | Harrington Park | Ramsey | Alpine | Hasbrouck Heights | Ridgefield | Bergenfield | Haworth | Ridgefield Park | Bogota | Hillsdale | Ridgewood | Carlstadt | HoHoKus | River Edge | Cliffside Park | Leonia | River Vale | Closter | Little Ferry...
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