Supreme 500 single screw tmr mixer

2012 supreme 500 single screw tmr mixer screw at 75% and up on thickness has scale for side load plus front main scale needs knife kit and belt put back on it plus a bath worked a ok last time i mixed and fed cows mixer has a drop leg jack on it saves cranking lost milk contract so no longer needed cuts up round bales wet or dry fast needs 90 plus 6 cyl tractor 540 pto to run it hub pilot dual wheels like new tires has only 3 winters and one year of use on it good heavy mixer talk to me 18500.oo as pictured also has cable to hook scales to tractor battery buy it put your 5x6 round dry in itcut it up put your brewers waist in it minerals grain and feed total mixed ration for better rumen health and gains to get shipping rate to your address google FR8 STAR AND FILL IN BLANKS TO GET RATE i load item hear no charge fee free have load dock on farm for single drop semi trailers updated photos better camera
Updated this week