We just moved to Trinidad . Our cats have been missing From around November 12 the orange cat is Cheeto. He is 12 year old and the long-haired Siamese is Mr. Magoo missing from the area of Willow and pine. Please let us know if you see them.
If you see my dog or know any information on where I can find her please contact me!
Please help me find my dog! We miss her 😢 reward of 200$
Not selling... looking for. My cat got ran over yesterday and I can't take this pain... please someone help me find my Poe again...
I have beautiful domestic long hair kittens. Born on 07/16/19. They are not available until 8 weeks of age. If you are interested please reply to my email. Thank you!
a few days agoMcComb, MSLost and FoundReport
Puppy found near McComb. One green eye, one blue. Very affectionate.
I bottle raised 2 Argentine MASTIFFS at the hands of a distracted speeding girl. She never apologized all she said was what about my car as I stood in shock with my babys laying dead beside me.ive begged and pleaded for a puppy to help ease the hurt and isolation I'm dealing with.cant anyone please help me.404 992 5418.thank you.
Pup pup is a Chihuahua Pug mix stolen at 10 months old 9-9-23. He would be 1 year old now. He was stole from our camp at Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station, Pinecrest, CA. Cross street HWY 108. He is a well trained, un-nurtured male with a curly brown, blackish tail, white underside. He has short fur, medium brown eyes, black pug-ish muzzle, black floppy ears and a black nose. He has cream ...
We are offering a HUGE REWARD if you bring our dog home. She has been missing since September 17, 7 am. Baymeadows / Seven Lakes Area, Inverness
Looking for Mateo B Silva!!!! If you know him and where he’s at please contact me
We lost two SD flash cards for a digital camera, lost probably in Arches National Park, on July 18. Possibly in the parking area at the base of the trail to the Lower Delicate Arch Viewpoint, but possibly elsewhere in the park or in the town of Moab. They were wrapped in a small piece of plastic. They contain two weeks of vacation pictures of my family in Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Arches, Denv...
I'm looking for my dog Bugsy, who was taken by the Weld County humane society on October 21st or 22nd of 2021 at the Porter house apartments. The Weld County humane society, told me that they had put my dog bug's down 6 months later. I see him up for adoption. He was adopted under the name Buster. When I seen him on the website? That he was up for adoption. I tried to adopt him out the well co...
Black cat lost at the Raton KOA Saturday night (7-8-23) Name is Spook. Has caps on his front claws. Had a red halter on with his name and our numbers on it. Contact us at 580-747-3757 or 580-484-3032
I'm looking for my dog honey has anybody seen her if you have please reply and let me know she's been gone since February and I miss her so much. She is my emotional support dog I've had her since she was a puppy we've gone through some hard times but I love her and I miss her if you see her please return her.
My original needlepoint was left in a van which was towed to Willows. I've been looking over 30 years. It was a design copied from this album cover.
This is a beautiful girl that's solid coco color. Well behaved and has been kept nicely. She looks as though she had pups not to long ago. LOST on our dead-end street CR 709 843 5935681. She was a found dog, then gone again. I would like her back.
A friendly mixed breed elderly dog, free to good home. I am disabled and no longer able to care for him.
Mommy is Tan has white paws Mommy is blind also last seen out by 24626 road 19 cross roads 26Avenue and 24 1/2 Avenue. She has a scare on her left side of her neck . Her ears are always down.
Mommy is lost on 29 Tuesday November she has a scare on left side of neck and she is blind last seen on road 19 chowchilla ca cross street Avenue 26 and Avenue 24 1/2. please help us find her Thank you 805 843 6617
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