SA 200 Lincoln Redface Welding Machine

1967 Redface, I purchased this from the original owners grandson! Refurbished the machine over the last 2 years, new rev it up system replacing the vacuum style, replaced the inverted oil filter system for the new style (less mess when servicing), high to low idle switch with upraded PC board, replaced the magnito with electronic ignition (better fuel economy and more reliable), bead blasted and baked the exhaust manifold guaranteed to never corrode, rebuilt carb, new choke cable/knob, oil pressure switch installed, remote to local switch, remote pigtail wired in, new water pump, belt, rebuilt radiator, oil pressure gauge and sensor, new paint, faceplate stamped with original serial numbers, never touched the armature except to clean the main with a smooth stone, this machine runs a bead smooth and stands it up, stacks on the filler, and humps up the caps, a great pipeline machine, right now it has approximately 10 hours on the rebuilt engine, runs like a champ, I'm selling this because I'm moving out of the country and I can't store.
Updated over a month ago