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China SourceLink is a leading Shenzhen sourcing agent, offering premium sourcing, company registration, IT and manufacturing outsourcing services in China.We provide the necessary tool kit for your business in China. This includes in general three main parts of service: sourcing and logistics service; translation and interpretation service; business service. Our main part of service is sourcing and logistics service. We help you to identify the qualified wholesalers, manufacturers, and factories for targeted merchandise with a desire price. Moreover, we will be able to find the right factories or R&D engineering teams for prototyping or original design manufacturing(ODM). Regarding the logistics part, we are able to arrange the shipment for your products either by air or sea. During the course of your stay in China, private car service is also provided upon request. In summary, we provide a one-stop service for sourcing and shipping as your reliable business partner in China. For the translation part, our interpreters have fluent working proficiency in both English and Chinese, and some of them also have strong industrial experience and technical backgrounds. They will bridge the language and cultural gap during your visit to factories, wholesalers and all kinds of conferences and fairs. We are also able to provide consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for product launch, press conference, project/course presentation, and so forth. Document translation is also available. Regarding the cooperation service, this is an important part for those who desire to have a established and well-grounded business in the Chinese soil. We provide company registration service, accounting and taxation service and working visa service. For further details please check out the category of service menu. For more general information and tips regarding business opportunities in China please visit our blog. Best Regards, Kai Huang Founder & CEO China SourceLink https://cnsourcelink.com/ contact://email: thuedward@gmail.com // whatsapp:+12137162203