Santa Meet’s The Gentleman

Itchy Elve getting summer chores done cleaning up Santaland when he sees this junky old car coming towards him, all kinds of branches sticking out the windows. Itchy gets close up and sees there’s no passenger seat, glove box is missing, but in side are these great looking birdhouses. The guy goes, they call me the Gentleman and I’ve come from miles away to see Santa, Itchy goes Santa’s sleeping but he’ll be waking up real soon so stick around. Elves all pile around the Gentleman’s car seeing all the branches , then he goe’s I can do magic with any one of the branches. He open’s the trunk inside are the most beautiful things he makes. Santa wakes up hearing all the commosion, shakes the Gentleman’s hand saying you can do “magic”? The Gentleman point’s at the Forest. There so much magic in the woods I’ll show you and the Elves how to take the magic out, and turn it into boy’s and girl’s Christmas Presents made in the summer. Santa goes that is our slow time of the year, it will give the Elves something they really like to do make things with there hands, knowing the Wood in the Forest would just get old and rot, making them into Gifts will last a lifetime. Here comes Mrs. Claus and the Elvettes just in time for some lunch everyone filling there belly’s, Santa then says it’s Story Telling Time about some past Christmases. Santa shares a story about this one Christmas , Rudolph and the rest of the Reindeer take off, Santa yelling, on Dancer, on Prancer the only problem was Santa forgot to put the pin in so Rudolph took off leaving Santa on the ground “Yelling” !!! come back you forgot me. Itchy Elve wants to share the next story about the time Rudolph ate something that didn’t agree him, Donner could smell him for miles. Wrote six different short adventures What Santa and the Elves do in the summer, they make Boy and Girl Gifts from the wood in the Forest ready for Christmas Presents. They work hard all week, when the weekend rolls around they usually go to Santa’s for snack and refreshments. Wrote short adventures what Santa and the Elves do in the summer, they have a jolly good time making there boys and girls Gifts ready for Christmas. Donations to Richard Lofgren 1889 139th Andover Minnesota 55304 are helpful for my journey with the dreaded progressive MS are helpful thanks try and Santa busy all year around. Cash .Only
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