Friendly Canadian Male Looking for Temporary Room

Hello, My name is Peter, I am 26 and visiting from Victoria BC up north as of Nov. 19th. I’m looking for a temporary place to stay in LA, specifically a stable home base while I go around the city 6 days a week systematically applying to get my work visa to work in my absolute passion which is film. I hear you guys make them in LA, or something. I am a very dedicated, hard worker who respects personal space and asks for the same, but with that established I am as easy to get along with as you could ask for. Confident but not arrogant, respectful but not the walking on eggshells type, personable but also keep to myself. Please let me know if you have - or know of - a spare room or some such for at least one month, which will become two months if I get an opportunity. I am not planning for any longer at this time. As long as it's a safe environment I don’t actually mind the size of the room. Have a big empty closet and a spare bed? Done. The reality is in a stable, sane place I can feel comfortable and make do. Just to paint a picture for you, I’m not coming on a vacation. I’m going to be methodically searching for work and if I can’t get a work visa as a Canadian then all right, I tried. And I’ll head back to BC knowing I had the guts to go for it. If needed I have work references, character references, tenancy references, and you can even talk to my mom. Thanks for reading my ad and I look forward to hearing from you. Tags: Room Rent Board Sublet Place of Residence Hostel Bed Couch Utilities Money Temporary
Updated 11-Nov-2017
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