Let`s Work Together!

Let`s Work Together! One of the hardest things to find is a program that will last. Most programs fail after a few months and when they fail, we fail by default! You cannot make money that way! DigiSoft is not like those other programs! We have been in business for over 4 1/2 years, and commissions are paid instantly member to member! This is a really big deal! We also have a really great pay plan that is affordable to the masses! You can get started at Package #1 for just $22, and you start earning instant c-a-s-h commissions with your second sale! PLUS! Admin helps to close our sales! DigiSoft has one of the best pay plans that I have ever seen. If you do not fully understand it, check out the Flow Charts on the How It Works Page in your Member Center. When you login click on the red tab called How It Works. The Flow Charts show how you get paid Infinity Deep in each Payline. This is so powerful! New 230K Splash Page If you have not seen our New 230K Splash Page yet, you really need to check it out! You will get a page just like that when you upgrade to a Payliner. >>> http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323 Advertising Resources If you upgrade to a Payliner today and join my Team I will send you a list of my best Advertising Resources! >>> http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323 Rick Brier 812.264.3754
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