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CAD Outsourcing covered a large area in BIM Fabrication and Pre-Fabrication that goes beyond the national reach and also formed itself into international horizon. BIM Fabrication and Pre-fabrication is an approach that utilized the digitized information to support the molding of material assemblage. BIM Prefabrication is a key solution of Building Information Modeling that strengthens the standard practice of Building Information Modeling. Along with BIM Fabrication and Pre-fabrication, CAD Outsourcing also provide the BIM Outsourcing, BIM Drafting, BIM Design Solution, BIM Engineering, 3D and 4D CAD Building Models and 4D Construction Planning. Benefits of BIM Fabrication and Pre-fabrication: - Assurance of best quality data - Minimize resistances through machine creation and construction - Minimum lead time - Adaptability in configuration - Less dependability in 2D drawings and more work through 3D modeling - Extend creation, construction, efficiency and security
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