Assistant Supervisor

Your work is helping a start up Property Maintenance Company that will provide services for non profits, commercial properties, and residential properties. We are more concerned with an accurate job history on your resume than your academic background. Your job history will be carefully screened, make sure it is accurate. Do not leave out any employment history in your resume including part time jobs. You should have skills in either plumbing, carpentry, electrical, janitorial or be interested in learning these skills should you be asked to help a crew at a work site. Women and college students are encouraged to apply along with all other applicants. Your primary responsibilities assist the General Manager. Our company is an employee owned business. You will receive a guaranteed hourly salary, and you will be entitled to share bonuses, and commissions based on your job performance. Your work is strictly per diem, and we will not guarantee hours. Per diem means you can be paid either each day you work or once a week whichever is better for your personal needs. Our company is focused on providing our customers with excellent service, we have an ongoing apprentice program that is administered by our employees that have 20 to 35 years experience in their respective trades. We strive to provide our customers with exceptional craftsmanship in all the different skills we offer our customers. If your financial situation demands guaranteed hours per week DO NOT APPLY for this position.
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