Chocolate belgian

Leonidas is a company that attaches a great deal of value to the heritage of its founder. That is why it continues its work with such passion and with the highest respect for tradition to guarantee results that are 100% quality. Leonidas elegantly combines a supremely rich heritage with an innovative vision. To do this, the brand is continually watchful to ensure that it offers its customers products, concepts, packaging and shops that fulfil their high expectations, without losing sight of the rich heritage and values passed down by its founders. In recent years, consumers have seen their usual Leonidas shops adopt a new style, which emphasises not only the innovative and dynamic vision of the brand but also its freshness, generosity and heritage. In the same spirit, the traditional ‘ballotins’ (chocolate boxes) have also been given a new look and have been joined by attractive luxury gift boxes, which change with the seasons.
Updated 1-Feb-2018
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