Need a Home Healthcare Provider?! :)

Do you or a loved one need extra help with personal care, help with maintaining a clean home and a happy safe living environment? Sometimes insurance won't cover a Home Health Aid unless the individual is terminal! Well, what about everyone else who needs help?! Maybe you need help for one hour a day 3 times a week, or more. We will work out a scheduled that fits! Most people charge $10.00 a hour or $MORE$ for a Provider service... NOT ME!! Since I do not take payments from insurance companies, you and I will sit down and work out how many hours, what services are needed and an affordable hourly rate of weekly pay. Reasonable pay rates depend on services and amount of travel required. If you or a loved one needs care with any of the following listed things, I can assist you. Maintain personal care of patient through tasks such as bathing, dressing, feeding and daily meal preparations, brushing teeth and combing/ styling hair. Help in and out of bed, often by lifting or carrying them, and assist them with walking as they travel through out the home or to and from Dr. office.
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