Hi I am donating 6 mature chickens, that are about 2 years old. Couple Of different breeds. Let me know if you need it, you can text @ 415-7059104
Buff orpington & wyandottes pullets hatched 3/1 to 3/8 road island reds hatched out 3/30 615-864-4111 I moved from Tennessee to Oklahoma that why the TN area code if you text I'll call back if you call and no answer call strait back please. I get so many spam call)


We have Rhode Island Red, Double Laced Barnevelder, Pendasenca, Buff Orpington, Astralorp and Speckled Sussex pullets. They are 5-7 weeks old. Also please check out our website for upcoming chicks available and information about the available breeds. We also have fresh eggs at $4 a dozen. We are located just south of Houston. Please call or text show contact info with any questions you may have...
Would like to trade 2 young roosters that just started crowing for 2 young hens plse
Whether you take home 1 chick or 100, our chicks have been carefully nurtured and monitored to insure your latest addition to your flock is healthy and happy. Not only fed organic chick starter/grower, we give our birds healthy rations of grit, scratch and all the grass they want. RAISING OUR CHICKS... For the first 4 weeks, all chicks remain under our supervision for proper temperatures, clea...
Large fowl silver laced Barnevelder, Indo Ayam Cemani, Cream Brabanter, silver laced Barnevelder, RC Nankin, Pavlovskaya, Deathlayer, Silverudd’s Dutch booted bantam and silkied Serama hatching eggs and chicks. Please, contact for price and availability. Have added buff silkied cochin, will be ready soon! Also have some rare pigeon
French Black Copper Marans Chicks. Day old Straight run/non-sexed. 10.00 ea. For a limited time. Red and white coop 159.00. 5-7 birds. Two egg boxes. Lg. Cedar roofed coop. with top brooder and two egg boxes. Ground access. Over 40sq ft. of space. Three level coop. Call WILLIAM : 515 401 5198
Indio Gigante Hens and Roosters looking for new homes. …🐓🐔… World’s Tallest Chicken Breed!!! Will reach over 4 ft as an adult - 6-9 months old - Already stand over 32” tall - Pure Brazelian blood lines - Very friendly - Okeechobee, Florida 561-866-7919
40 different roosters to choose from large beautiful birds Lincoln Texas 979-325-1409
$10: 6 eggs $20: 1 dozen $10: each additional dozen Do you have a broody hen or do you want the fun of hatching your own chicks? I have several breeds of chickens, separated by breed, with more than one rooster in most flocks. When you place the order, I will begin collecting eggs for you and store them unwashed in a cool location. This way, you are getting the freshest possible eggs. I also c...
trying to sell one american game fowl jungle fowl mixxed rooster 20$ also have 2 coup ready pullets just a little younger then the rooster 10$ each also willing to trade for more docile breeds who won't attack my cats contact me at 209 291 eightsixninefive
Cornish Rock cross 9 weeks old. We have 60 available. Pasture fed. No steroids. Ready for butcher. Call/text 270-945-3764
I recently lost our flock of laying hens and ducks due to a pack of stray dogs breaking into our coup during the night which have been annoying our neighbors recently. I’d appreciate any help in trying to rebuild our flock if anyone had any unwanted chicks or chickens. Thank you and God Bless
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