I have 2 adult Miniature Jersey bulls and some weanling bull calves (Mini Jersey & Belfair) for sale. Tag #4 is 3yrs old, A2/A2 & HOMOZYGOUS POLLED, And is REGISTERED. Tag #9 is 2yrs old, A2/A2 & Heterozygous POLLED, and CAN Be registered. (I plan to do it when I get the money.) Contact me for more info and Pedigrees. Due the slow economy, currently priced well below their worth at $2800 ea...
3 female goats. 21/2 years old. Family raised. One is a fainting goat. (White one).
Baby ducklings $100 ea. if you buy more than one you get a better deal
Boer goats. 150-225$ Babies,does, and bucks available. Call or text for pricing 9164105274 Delivery is available.
We are downsizing our heard. We have available some Doe’s and Wethers. The Price Ranges from $80.00 to $250.00 For any information please call 817-247-3111
Hi I am donating 6 mature chickens, that are about 2 years old. Couple Of different breeds. Let me know if you need it, you can text @ 415-7059104
Down sizing my ducks. I have Peking and runners. If interested text for pictures 8636345757
currently have houdan $8, pyncheon $8, bantam cochin $8 and cemani $25 chicks. I am NPIP and always have chicks or hatching eggs available.
Buff orpington & wyandottes pullets hatched 3/1 to 3/8 road island reds hatched out 3/30 615-864-4111 I moved from Tennessee to Oklahoma that why the TN area code if you text I'll call back if you call and no answer call strait back please. I get so many spam call)


We have Rhode Island Red, Double Laced Barnevelder, Pendasenca, Buff Orpington, Astralorp and Speckled Sussex pullets. They are 5-7 weeks old. Also please check out our website for upcoming chicks available and information about the available breeds. We also have fresh eggs at $4 a dozen. We are located just south of Houston. Please call or text show contact info with any questions you may have...
Born May 14th transitioning to feed. Is escaping our yard and don’t have the money to build fence.
Paradise Valley Farm, located in Cleveland GA, has miniature goats for sale. We breed Mini Nubians, Nigerian Dwarf, and Silky Fainting Goats. All three breeds are miniature goats, which makes them the perfect goats for small farms, 4-H projects, and animal lovers. Photos listed are only some of what's available. Prices range $300-800 For individual listings, please visit our website: https://w...
Paradise Valley Farm, located in Cleveland GA, has miniature sheep (rams) for sale. Harlequins and Shetlands available. perfect sheep for breeders, small farms, 4-H projects, and animal lovers. For individual listings, please visit our website: Email if interested:
"Kunini" pigs are crosses between Mini pigs and Kune Kune pigs. This cross is known for having babies with laid back personalities + smaller size. Full grown, these pigs will be around the same size as a basset hound. They have been raised in our petting zoo and have been the highlight of the season for our piggy cuddle sessions. They love the attention from folks of all ages!
Paradise Valley Farm, located in Cleveland GA, has piglets for sale! Born in April. These piglets are kunekunes. These piglets are known for their laid back personalities. They do not root around the yard as much as other breeds of pigs are known to do. Visit our website for pictures / information: **Older piglets available for discounted price - see we...
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