Lots of items for sale, need the extra money

I'm going to be moving into a better apartment the beginning of May, but I need extra money for the upfront moving in costs. I am selling a bunch of stuff. I have in the household items category: -1 Large green square area rug- bought at Target a few years ago and never used. $20.00 - Few random pictures - $10.00 - Lots of vintage Tupperware in excellent, exactly like new condition (mix of 1960s,1970s and 1980s) - $30.00 OBO - A bunch of cool old food trays - $5.00 - A medium (Sorry, couldn't find the tape measure) sized wood cutting board - $10.00 - Conair 1" curling iron, used once because I bought it, then we moved from California and it was packed up and forgotten about until yesterday. - $5.00 - 75 gallon fish tank. It's been sitting on our patio for a few months, was cleaned thoroughly beforehand (No more yucky fish gunk), but is now dusty and has the tank rocks on the bottom and decor. We also have the cabinet for it, the very bottom of which will need a new piece of plywood, but I'll throw in the cabinet for free, if you buy the fishtank for $75.00. - Box with large frying pan, random (and not used, which is a plus) travel toiletry kit and a couple of latched-lid ceramic jars - $10.00 See photos below! Please e-mail, I'd like to have the bulk of this gone by the end of today, and I will update this post as items sell. Please also see the other items that I have at: http://claz.org/classifieds/view/a8x2g7rfzap
Updated 2-Apr-2014
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