Lots of items for sale, need the extra money

I'm going to be moving into a better apartment the beginning of May, but I need extra money for the upfront moving in costs. I am selling a bunch of stuff. I have in the electronics category: -X-Box 360 with two controllers, one wireless. Comes with Tetris Evolution, Dead Rising 2 (disc is scratched, but if you have some of that disc scratch remover stuff, it may work), Dead Rising 2 Off The Record, Lego Indiana Jones 2, Lego Batman & Pure, Payday 2, Two copies of Rock Band (One disc refuses to work and I can never remember which one), and Jade Empire. Also comes with the drum set for Rock Band and two guitars. - $170.00 - 5 Disc Cd Stereo with radio and (don't laugh!) tape deck. I've had this baby since 8 grade, and it still works very well, and has surprisingly decent sound. I'm kind of sad to part with it. - $20.00 Please check out the rest of the items I have for sale at: http://denver.craigslist.org/for/4399171892.html
Updated 2-Apr-2014
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