Paso Fino, Bay, 3-year-old Professionally trained gelding

My gelding is 3-years-old he is just under 14hh, he is fully shod all the way around, very friendly likes to follow you around. He is very playful and I am seeking a good home for him. I would like to find someone who has more time to ride than I do. Right now a friend of mine and her boyfriend ride him a lot but due to my child I don't have time to put more riding in him and he will make a great show horse. My property is messed up and I don't forsee me moving him home any time soon so it is just best I sell him. Email me with all offers No dirt offers please he is registered and has good bloodlines, he should get taller as he is out of Capuchino bloodlines and if someone is really interested in him I will let him go to someone who has more time and more of an interest. The only thing i am interested in is a sound safe trail horse as that is all I do. Or a Barrel horse for my daughter. Other than that if it needs training or to be ridden more often for experiance I am not interested for my hecktic life I just needs something that already knows what I need it to know in order for me to just get on and go every weekend or every other weekend. Since he is still young he needs more riding than I have time for, he does good with traffic, cars/truck on the hwy don't bother him. He has shoes all the way around and is being ridden at this moment and he will be in a show over the weekend, just a fun show but it will give him some experiance with loud noisy places. He is a bit impatient, he likes to move, doesn't like to stand in one place for long periods of time, would make a good show horse or with more time a good competitive trail horse. He side passes, backs, plow reins, learns quickly, can be a bit bratty he likes to steal power tools, storage bins, play with childrens toys he has a lot of character if I had my property fixed up I would more than likely just keep him as a pet but that would be a waste for everyone... he loves attention if you don't give it to him he will take it. Great horse dont miss out. I am opened to all offers just no SSH offers please he is not an SSH and for his breeding you would pay much more for it. I don't expect to get what has been invested in him from birth out of him but do expect to get more than what horses that aren't registered and have the same attributes are going for. Thanks for looking email me for pics and more information, email with offers as well!
Updated 3-Nov-2010
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