1996 Mitsubishi Galant S

I have a White 96 Mitsubishi Galant S For sale. I have owned the car for a year and now i need to sell it due to having a new car, its just sitting in my driveway. So lets get down to the specifics. The GOOD: This car is a 4 door, great for kids. It gets about 23 MPG. I drove it daily and all over North Carolina and Virginia without any problems. I had 4 practically new tires put on it 4 months ago. No rips in any of the seats or carpets. No cracks in the dash. There are some small stains on the floor which were there when i bought it. For being 15+ years old, the interior is in pretty damn good shape! I have put alot of work into this car. It had issues when i bought it. Here's whats new: -Brand new Transmission done last September. It is a Automatic. -Brand new head gasket and oil seals. -New spark plugs and wires. -New MAP Sensor -New Air Filter -Monthly Maintenance Done at Valvoline. The BAD: -NO A/C. I havent got the chance to see whats wrong with it. Everything is there for the A/C except the belt. I got it when it was cold so i never bothered. So it NEEDS a A/C belt. -NO CD player. Just a Tape Deck and AM/FM. Speakers work good. -Has a small Paint scrape on the left lower half of the bumper, and another scrape behind the front wheel on the bottom of side skirt. (Was there when i bought it.) -NO Visor covers. They are just the Plastic. ( Was that way when i bought it.) The UGLY: Okay, After everything ive done to this car it needs one more thing for it to be at 100%. My Check Engine light came on a few months ago..I had it read. It said Idle Air Control. I had the part priced at O'Rileys for $300.00. I havent bothered to get it because i have a new car and i dont drive this one anymore. It Drives O.K , But It intakes too much air sometimes and the RPMS Run higher than normal. Thats the Only MAJOR issue with this car. If you have the part or can fix it, you would have a car that will last another 20+ years, due to the new transmission and other engine fixes i did.
Updated 7-Jul-2014
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