1990 XJ6 (XJ 40) - Sovereign Sedan, Blue, 4.0L

Buy a Classic and enjoy the ride. We purchased this as a hobby car last year and haven't been able to find enough time to really enjoy it. My Son has since moved away and it just sits there. The Basics: 80K miles, 4door, automatic, sunroof, 4.0L, leather, tilt, sport mode, a/c, power everything (windows, door locks, seats), stereo w/ CD changer. The Quirks: Needs Tires (plenty of tread - just old), Radio is old / speakers crackling, we replaced drivers-side blower housing - still need to replace passenger side, A/C compressor locked up so the clutch or compressor needs to be replaced, Transmission warning light keeps coming on, so some electrical troubleshooting is due. (This isn't a mechanical problem just electrical- good write-up at http://www.jag-lovers.org/ebooks/view.php?Vbook=xj40&Vsection=8) Photos Available : http://s1208.photobucket.com/albums/cc367/MeGeek/xj6/ Contact Me via email (best) Jag@megeek.com (Nice Write up on the XJ40) Launched in late 1986 (early 1987 in the US), the all new XJ6, code named XJ40, was sold under the same name as its predecessor clearly marking the continuity in Jaguar offerings despite radical changes. While the XJ40 was much more modern in appearance with a more linear and rectangular shape, its long and tapered lines were pure Jaguar. Craftsmanship in the woodwork and leather upholstery remained as good and refined as it had always been in a Jaguar. The XJ40 was also the first Jaguar to feature what would become a Jaguar trademark, the J-Gate gear selector which offers better control of the automatic transmission. In 1990, the XJ40 received some significant enhancements, starting with a larger version of the AJ6 engine now 4.0 liters and developing 235hp and while 14hp doesn't seem like much, the torque increase was a substantial 14%. A new 4 speed automatic electronically controlled and featuring a sports mode, was developed along with a new Teeves and antilock braking system. On the road, even today when well maintained, the XJ40 is a real Jaguar: smooth, powerful and comfortable made to cruise effortlessly while its passengers enjoy the luxury... and its driver enjoys the driving!
Updated 19-Jan-2011
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