Part Time Caregiver

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 5pm-8pm OR 9am-12pm IMMEDIATE NEED 54 yrs old female. Transportation required. MUST LIKE ANIMALS- Individual has a dog. DIDD Daily mileage rate paid. During this time she will need assistance with washing clothes and making sure the proper amount of Laundry detergent is used/Dryer sheets. She will need her PA to verify she has taken her meds (independently). PA’s are not authorized to pass meds and will only observe the individual to ensure she is NOT missing medication times. PA will assist with making a grocery list, locking up the house each night to ensure her safety and notify family/conservators when she has a medical appointment or when she cancels an appointment. Likes to be independent and Lives independently. Client expresses herself very well and voices her wants and needs verbally. Client gets PA services at home to help her with different things such as shopping, reminders to take her medication, taking her into the community, and light housekeeping. Has a part-time job she works for a few hours a day. Goes to Prospect day program during the day. She enjoys going to Church on Sunday’s, visiting her family and friends, working different jobs, and a steady relationship with her PA. Has a dog in her home