Help help

I'm not asking for much! But my family is in strong need, we recently .moved to a home and has caused us more finacial heartache! Christmas is coming and we R in need of everything! I recently had to sell my laptop And jewelry and so many things We have built our home by free ads on furniture Will take Anything Money Pots And pans Food Bake goods DVDs Clothing Furniture Games Game systems ETC. please reach out to me I'm even having trouble paying to stay in college My financial aid got cut do to wellfair And the food stamps we get isn't enough We tried looking for another home but we don't have the funding to move Help my family for the holidays Toys for my niece? Clothing for me and my family Maybe a washer and dryer? A table that is actually good to sit at I don't drive our car is broken down So if you have any way of helping call/text 7176444192 Even my phone is going to get cut of
Updated 8-Dec-2013
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