Looking for old kitchen supplies for soap making, happy to use whatever extras are available: an old crockpot digital food scale stick blender glass jar (larger than quart)
Relocating back to Lawrence Twin or full size. Currently sleeping on cushions.
Needing a Bunk bed or trundle bed or similar. Space saving bed for two kids. Can pick up anytime. Thanks.
Any color, any size, as long as it is still able to be used. I can pick up. Thank you!
Needing baby boy clothing size 6 months and up, toys, furniture, walker, crib, activity center, pack and play, etc.
Mom and three kids moving into house after being homeless for a long time. Have nothing except clothing. Anything would be helpful. Couch, rugs, shelving, small appliances, vacuum, fridge, crib, 2 twin beds or bunk bed, full size bed frame, dressers, TVs, misc house hold items (utensils, plates, cups, pots and pans, mop, broom, etc.)
I will be working at Philmont this summer and need a sleeping bag to last at least through training. It should be preferably backpacking weight.
Looking for a medium/large plastic tote with working lid to hold guinea fowl feed, so it need not be pretty
Looking for a cotton-type headband for working out -- preferably black, but any color will do. Thanks!
Hello, I m in need of bubble wrap & lots of it!! If you have any laying around or have been stock piling it for a good reason, I am going to make great use of it! Thanks in advance for any replies!
Ham radio equipment needed for a scout camp in Kansas. Anything from radios to antennas to Morse code equipment can be used.