Need a large binder for a large looseleaf textbook for the upcoming semester!
Every DVD I've ordered has been defective! Hope someone may provide me with a used/good condition copy.
Hello, I'm hoping to just borrow a DVD or BluRay copy of The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home to watch. I'm very responsibly and fully intend on returning the movies after watching them. The library doesn't have them.
Seeking materials for upcoming garden projects. We can provide labor to collect materials, and have a truck for hauling. Thanks for your support!
Looking for a small Expresso machine and hoping someone has one they no longer use and need to find it a new home for it. Please, Please.
Just wondering if anyone has mens indoor soccer shoes not being used in size 8.5 to 9.5. Thanks.
I am looking for a small window unit for my house this summer. Our upstairs in our rental averages 85-90+ degrees and we can t afford to buy one. If anyone has one they don t use and are willing to give it to someone who WILL use it, we d be eternally grateful!!
Looking to source T-posts, cinderblocks, chicken wire for gardening projects. We can provide labor to gather these items if needed. We have a large SUV to haul with.
Hello, I am searching for a washer and dryer for a friend of mine who moved here with 2 kids. She left a bad situation and is struggling. It s hard for her to get to the laundry mat and expensive, she is also struggling with her disabilit and I know have a washer and dryer would be extremely helpful. She occasionally asks to use my washer but doesn t ask to much because I think she feels guilty...
I am looking for possible car stereo items for my 19 yr old son for Christmas. Thanks for your time!