Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Ninth edition, Serway and Jewett, used in PHSX 210 at KUDoes NOT come with accompanying online access code.
Organic Chemistry, 3rd Edition, author David Klein. Used for CHEM 330 at KUDoes not come with any online access codes, does come with binder as it is loose leaf.
Introduction to Digital Logic Design, ISBN 9781308221014. Pristine condition, already in a notebook. Bookstore shows them at $137. Asking $60 shipping. I am near Wichita, but sure we can work something out. Cash or money order. Then will ship to you or if you are in the general Wichita area, we can arrange a meet. Call or text me at
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Lifepac Set plus Teachers Guide. Civics World Geography - United States Heritage, Our National Government, State Local Government, Planning a Career, Citizenship, The Earth Man, Regions of the World, Man His Environment, Tools of the Geographer, Man in in a Changing World. Retail $79.95.
Complete kit - includes the textbook, answer key, test booklet and solution manual. Grade Level 8 - 12. Nothing has been written inon. This kit is listed on amazon for $100 used, $116 new.