Kittens in need!

Around mid-August my cat gave birth to two cute little kittens whom I can not afford to take care of due to the fact that I recently lost my job.. I had no choice but to take them to a shelter. Unfortunately, its eating me up that I had to take them there so I managed to get enough help, but only to get them out. All they need in order for me to do this is a loving home/family that is able to provide them with the kind of care they deserve.. Theyre the sweetest things on the planet and have been held and loved on by humans since day one so they are ridiculously friendly and impossible not to love.. All I ask is a small rehoming fee of $15 each so I know youre trying to obtain them for the right reasons and not use them as dog bait or something outragous like that.. I am about 95% sure that the blackish brown one is a female and the grey striped one is a male. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me at 832-704-7599. Please dont offer unless you are serious. Im willing pay $170 to get these kittens out even though I cant really afford it, the only reason I will is because they dont belong in a shelter and should be in a good home that can provide them the care and love they deserve. Please consider this..
Updated 17-Oct-2013
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