2004 Chevy Cavalier - Affordable LS Sedan - $3,600 (Denver)

2004 CHEVROLET CAVALIER ā€“ 4D SEDAN CLEAN TITLE Rated 39 out of 37 on Experian Report Original Price: $3,995.00 Affordable Car at Reduced Price: $3,600.00* This affordable used Chevy Cavalier 2004 is a great starter car for a young person in high school or college. It does fantastic gas mileage on the highway. The interior is like new, as I kept the seats covered and the carpets protected. The carpet has been shampooed and looks new. I am also including additional floor mats and coverings. 15 year-ownership. Purchased: 2006 with 33,000 miles usage. Yearly average mileage: 9000. It is in very good (engine) to excellent condition (body and interior). Recorded trip segments have shown up to 41 mpg. This vehicle is typically rated for up to 300,000 miles before any major overhaul might be needed.
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