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Hello, My family has taken this past year to travel and explore various towns and neighborhoods as Trusted House Sitters. We have recently decided Lakeville is where we want to land! We have two fun boys that are 6 and 9 that will be attending Lakeview Elementary this year. They are with us 50% of the time. We are both practicing Wellness Coaches and community service workers; caring, hard-working, clean, and dependable. I, Sara, grew up in Faribault and Everett moved here from Michigan in 2020. We met on an assignment with United Health Group for reversing Type 2 Diabetes. As we search for our long-term home, we are looking for an opportunity to house/pet sit or house share opportunity for a 6-12 month period as we save for a down payment; perhaps with a couple that are empty-nesters and have more house than they need, would appreciate some extra help with upkeep, etc, and not quite ready to sell/relocate. We would need a minimum of 2 bedrooms (preferably furnished), 3 would be ideal. My boys LOVE to play in nature so we would prefer to be close to a lake or pond setting. We are very fond of the Klamath Terrace neighborhood near Orchard Lake Elementary, but open to exploring other areas of Lakeville. A place near Lake Marion and Lakeview Elementary would be excellent as well.
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