District Manager Candidate, Part-time

Firefighter and Part-time District Manager, Johnnie Brooks, says his $80,000 PART-TIME Income is more than he makes at his Full-time job! WE NEED MORE PART-TIME PEOPLE LIKE JOHNNIE BROOKS! Meet Johnnie Brooks - http://thelifeagents.us/jb500 WE are responsible for expanding our Distribution and have created a flexible part time District Manager position for individuals who are currently employed full time in a successful career or business. With a commitment from the right candidates of 12-15 hours per week, you will work with and be mentored by a successful Regional Manager to create a lucrative part time asset that will produce an income of 60k-80k per year. Click link below to schedule your initial phone interview. (We are looking for ppl to start right away) https://calendly.com/tomf/20efbo We look forward to speaking with you
Updated 27-Aug-2018
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