LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO EASILY REMOVE GOLD FROM EVERYDAY ELECTRONICS: CELL PHONES, COMPUTERS, PLASMA /LCD FLAT SCREEN, OLD GAME CARTRIDGES AND MUCH MUCH MORE! FOR ALL THE INFO TO START RECOVERING YOUR GOLD TODAY. With the rising prices of GOLD (OVER 1600 OUNCE) now is the time to recover it. This is information a lot of people don'™t want you to know. I will tell you how to remove the gold plate and as an added bonus,I will tell you some everyday items that have gold plate. This is a very easy process to follow and do. My process DOES NOT dissolve the gold which then has to be recovered with very dangerous chemicals. THIS method just makes the gold plate fall off. You will be getting a large list of items that contain gold plate as a bonus, and another list of step by step instructions of how to remove gold plate. Just send 4.95 CHECK CASH MONEY ORDER to J.E.MORRIS 7935 SW 76TH AVE OCALA, FLORIDA to get started.
Updated 26-Sep-2012
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