Gorgeous Rust and black basset hound for stud! Super active and a great rabbitt dog ;) old fashioned looking type of hound. Call or text for more information and stud fee. 989 251 8044 has AKC papers and now he has his CKC papers Gus throws beautiful dark colored puppies. Some Pictures of Gus's previous litters have been listed. Gus just had a beautiful dark and Tri colored litter on August 15t...
4-Nov-2018Perry, MI+10 milesFor Sale
heres a few pictures of the first basset hounds that were produced in creating the breed , they wanted a short , sturdy hound with excellent scent that was short enough to drive out its prey from the brush. england decided to breed one of the first bassets when developed to a bloodhound ! the dog had to have a csection to have the pups , this was the start of the huge , over sized basset hound ...
4-Nov-2018Perry, MI+10 milesFor Sale
!! THE BASSET HOUND ASSOCIATION EVEN STATES THAT THIS BREED IS MEANT TO HUNT ! AND NOT BE COUCH POTATOES!!! anyone can and will make excuses as to why they breed a bigger basset and think ts better for the breed, also bassets were not bred to be slow so a hunter can keep up, Breeders will come up with any excuse and reasonings behind breeding their dog , just bc a dog is able to breed does not ...
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