I own a small reptile rescue and Im looking to ad to it. I will take any reptile no questions asked. If you need to rehome your reptile for any reason, please text me
We are offering 3 pick-up trucks and 1 tent trailer for free. We would like to clean up our property, and have the abandoned vehicles and trash totally removed after a foreclosure. There are a few stipulations, for exle the persons that remove ALL of the vehicles and trailer must also remove ALL other trashdebris in the immediate area. Also, a waiver must be signed releasing us of any liability...
I have three adorable kittens looking for their forever home if interested message me they are minks with the M on the forehead very cool and adorable loving cats
Cast iron block. No intake, exhaust manifolds or valve covers, other than that it is complete. Sold the car a few years back and the person that bought the car was supposed to come get it and never has. Probably not good for anything other than scrap since it has been sitting outside and is possibly seized up by now. I dont have a hoist or cherry picker to get it into my truck to take it to kla...
Hi im currently in need of new born baby boy items and clothing that you dont longer need were currently going tru hard times atm. And its been hard to save and buy the new babie stuff. We currently have two toddlers ages 2 and still using diapers too id be so thankfull if u have anything laying around thanks in advanced im due in agust 1st i can be reached at thanks
You pick up and take the whole thing, first come first serve. No engine, no tires, transmission is removed and in back of vehicle, no clutch, and might be missing some nuts and bolts.
He is a 9 month old puppy who has been fixed and is house trained. He is a super smart dog and loves to just be outside and roam. He has some aggressive issues with his food and possessions and I just dont trust him around kids or other people if someone dropped some food. He would be perfect for a farm or someone who hunts. Both his parents were hunters and he has the nose and brains for it. W...
I do not want to put this TV in the trash. It is a Vizio big screen 5560 inch, with remote and stand. Tech support said it sounded like a power issue. It is free to anyone who might want it. I will keep it until I tire of seeing it on my coffee table its a big coffee table.
Free rocks We have red lava rock and an assortment of other rocks that would be great for a garden. Come and pick them up and take as many or as little as you want.
Free truck. Will need rims and tires to move it. I do have some to load onto the trailer. The engine and transmission have been sitting out in the weather. No title. Bieber is 100 miles south of Klamath Falls on 139.
We have decided to no longer show Guinea pigs and need to place ours in good homes. 1 solid silver sow, 1 unrelated soild silver boar, 1 black sow, 1 white pink eyed sow. All are less the 2 yrs. old.