Old window no glass has hooks in the back to be hung, you can add a wreath or whatever you want to give you're home the perfect Farmhouse look!
(10% discount of 3 or more)I'm not going to charge alot for these as a mom.. I know we want deals personalized with name.(apon request other) $ 5. asking half upfront and the other when finished. (Because of them being personalized) I only have I have 2 dinos avail. At the moment. posted else where availability will depend on first come first serve basis. Please message me with questions.
Just got a house, tired of looking at blank walls. Preferably free or cheap. Let me know thank you!
All new from Target. Gold home decor. Would like to sell together. $15.00 OBO
Must see in person. Gorgeous piece hand painted. Heavy & fragile. $50. No cracks or chips.