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Hello, my name is Sara. I am a full-time math tutor with master’s degree and have more than 5 years of tutoring experience in math at all levels, including IGCSE, GCSE, IB higher level, A-Level, SAT, etc. I am teaching many students (they come from Canada, US, UK, Germany, Poland, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, Japan, India, etc.) and helped them dramatically improved their academic performances in the past five years. I love math and enjoy spending time with my students. I used to tutor students at their home, but right now I prefer doing online tutoring. The truth is that many of my students find they can learn more in a one-hour-length online tutoring than two-hour-length home tutoring. Simply because students send me questions they want to ask or inform me topics they feel difficult via email beforehand, and I can get prepared before the class. It makes online tutoring far more efficient than tutoring at home. At the same time, many students’ parents are also happy to choose online tutoring for their kinds because they can reduce half of tutoring expenses. Online tutoring has following features: We can talk, see and hear each other using Skype, which makes it no different from face to face tutoring. Online interactive whiteboard lets us write on the same “page,” just like sitting side by side and writing on the same piece of paper during an in-person tutoring session. It’s super easy to save the notes from each session as PDF and then print them and put them in your math notebook If you are interested in having free trial lessons with me, please contact me. Then I will send my Resume and reference letters from some students’ parents to you. Selected recent comments from students’ parents Grade 11th, IB math & SAT math “Sara is an extraordinary tutor. She has the ability to quickly and accurately determine sources of a child’s learning difficulties. In case of my daughter, this allowed her set up individually tailored programs and work through issues one at a time. Sara’s patience and encouraging manner helped my daughter gain confidence in her own abilities and greatly increase her self-esteem.” ------Tim Wu Grade 11th, IGCSE math “Sara is the best tutor we ever had, her good explanation skills and her friendly -way to teach, gave Nathalie a good feeling and o lot of fun in study. Nathalie’s grades improve within a short time and they are still on a good level around 90%. Sara prepares a lot of tasks for my daughter and find the right way to teach her without any stress, my daughter even like to have this additional lessons. She found immediately confidence in Sara and she become more self confident afterwards.” --------Christian Kuehne Grade 11th, IB Higher level “Sara is an excellent Teacher in Mathematics at IB level. She demonstrates great conceptual clarity, is hardworking, has patience, and is a committed Teacher. Her passion for Mathematics and teaching coupled with dedication to improve confidence of students makes her an effective Teacher. Sara’s warm and friendly approach makes her distinctly different from others.” ----------Sreelatha Satheesh Grade 4th and 7th “Many many many thanks!! You made a huge difference in my children's lives… Thanks to you they both love maths now. Could've never done it without you. Thank you again Sara.” -----Alejandra Lopez GCSE math “Although Sara has been my maths tutor for a short period of time, I have already learnt a lot with her. This is due to her clear, concise explanations, as well as her excellent use of time management. She also gives a good amount of homework and always gives examples to work with in class. So far,...
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