I've owned this great running little vehicle for over 25 years. I used it for a 'Tow Vehicle' behind my Bus Conversion, but Diesel Fuel got so high, I sold the Bus. Now, it just sits in a Car Port at my ranch gathering dust, so it needs to go to someone that will enjoy it. It has the powerful little 6 cylinder engine, 4-Wheel Drive, power steering, A/C, but it needs to be serviced. The Radio needs to be replaced. I can't recall why this one was taken out. It is very comfortable to drive and gets good fuel mileage, but I can't recall what it got now. The tires are about 5 years old, but have only maybe 300 miles on them. It has NO RUST, and only one ding where my wife's Son, while learning to drive had a 'scrape' with a tree. It goes with the Tow Bar and the Kayak Rack. We carried a 12' and a 8' Kayak up there with no problem. This is a Great running, trouble free vehicle with all but brand new tires on it. The 4X4 works great. We had it at our cabin out of Cloudcroft, NM for a summer and it went up and down those mountains like a mountain goat. NADA says the High Retail on the car at $8,482., Average at $4,889, so I am 'Low' in the 'ball park' at $4,500. That price isn't written in stone, so if you're nice it can go down some, but if you're not nice it'll go up. I may trade for a nice clean Kawasaki Mule, or something similar, or a clean smaller travel trailer. I despise Scammers, and anyone contacting me on Anything other than the vehicle I am selling will be turned over to Claz.Org for prosecution.
Updated 20-Dec-2012
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