Medical Transcriptionist

Part-time or fulltime: Full Time Employee Type: Independent Contractor Type of Transcription Experience: Clinic Transcription Dr.'s Office Transcription Varied Types of Transcription Specialty: Cardiology Dermatology Orthopedics Podiatry Pulmonology Job Description: We are currently hiring for MTs with 5+ years experience in Dermatology, Cardiology and Orthopedics, preferable experience in 2 or all. We hire Independent Contractor Transcriptionists only, preferably with EmDat/Inscribe experience, but not required. We are looking for highly experienced MTs who know the latest Book of Style Standards very well and are computer literate. A high attention to detail and concern for your own quality of work is required. You must be able to work every day Mon-Sat or Tues-Sun 5-6 hours (or more if wanted) each day sometime between the hours of 7 AM and 8 PM CST. If you are not able to meet this schedule please do not apply. There will be a mix of both easy and difficult physicians for each specialty. These are Independent Contractor positions only. Please submit a resume with your interest. No partial emails without full or current information in them. Minimum 5 years experience in the specialty you are applying for. Hardware/Software: EmDat, must own USB foot pedal, not Olympus and internet File Transfer Method: EmDat/Inscribe To Apply: Email your resume and work exp. to - Medical Transcriptionist
Updated 9-Aug-2013
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